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Vectoraster 7.2.5 update

A new update of Vectoraster 7 has been released. The new version brings some smaller bug-fixes and two improvements:

  • Improved configuration or structured and random varied density raster patterns. Letting you set a separate vertical spacing for these patterns, as shown above.
  • Improvements to bitmap format export (TIFF, JPG, PNG), with better print size and resolution settings that are now properly stored in the exported image files.

More info and download


Patternodes 2.0.2 patch

Today a small bug-fix update for the newly released Patternodes 2 has been published.

Version 2.0.2 changes.
  • Fixes some stability problems.
  • Fixes a bug with the Make Seamless repeater in Demo mode on retina displays.
  • Fixes a bug where pasting copied nodes from Patternodes 1 could cause problems.
  • Improved node editor scrolling when dragging close to the edge.

More info and download


Patternodes 2 released

The second generation of the mac vector pattern design and animation application Patternodes has now been released. Click below for more information, or download and try it out for free now!

Main changes and new features of Patternodes 2

  • Fewer more versitile nodes. Many node types have been combined into more capable ones. This will let you do more with fewer nodes and make it easier to try new things and play around with the software without having to replace or add new nodes.
  • Improved usability. Many improvements to make the basic tasks of editing values and working with nodes and connections smoother and quicker.
  • New artboard node with layers. The old document and output nodes have been combined into a single Artboard output node with multiple output layers along with artboard size and settings.
  • Language and naming changes. Many concepts have been renamed to be more in line with industry standards and/or common language to make them easier to understand. For example, the old Transform nodes are now called Change nodes and the old Array Elements are now simply called Groups.
  • Change node apply-modes. Most of the nodes changing graphics (like changing color or transformation) now have built in support to toggle between applying their change to the group, each individual element in the group, or a selected subset of elements in the group. This replaces many array operation nodes and removes the need for a lot of splitting and combining you had to do in Patternodes 1.
  • More powerful nodes. More or less every node, for creating shapes, transforming or repeating elements have had little additions and improvements to enable new uses and improve existing functionality.
  • Improved animation exports. Support for exporting longer animations at higher resolutions in more formats.

For more details see the Version history

More info and download


Vectoraster 7.2.3 update

Today another small update to the vector graphics halftone and raster application Vectoraster 7 has been released. The new update doesn't add any big new features, but updates some things under the hood and adds some small improvements to importing of EPS and SVG custom point shapes.

Update from within Vectoraster, or download and try the new version for free if you don't have it already.

More info and download


iOS Nice Dice updated

The 3d dice app Nice Dice for iPhone and iPad has been updated.

The new version fixes a problem with iPhones with 3d-touch (6S and later) where it would be hard to lock dice by tapping them. Additionally it adds the option to speak the result of the dice when they've finished rolling.

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Vectoraster 7.2.2 update released

Another update to Vectoraster 7 has just been released with some more improvements and fixes.

Changes in 7.2.2
  • Fixes a bug where TIFF, JPEG and PNG file exports would be double resolution on systems with retina screens.
  • Improved compatibility with vector point shapes exported/copied from Sketch.

More info and download


Vectoraster 7.2.1 update released

A new update to the vector halftone and patterns application Vectoraster 7 has just been released. The new update is mostly a maintenance and bug-fix update, but also includes a new quick full screen preview feature.

Changes in 7.2.1
  • New quick full screen preview, toggle with Command-F or using the new full screen button.
  • Sources visible behind the raster in Vectoraster are now also shown in the Finder file previews.
  • Some bug fixes and system required updates under the hood.
  • Improved support features with network diagnostics for update/unlocking problems.

More info and download


Patternodes 2 in development

The second generation of the macOS procedural graphics design and pattern creation tool Patternodes is now in beta testing. The new version will be an overhaul of more or less everything in the application, with new features and improvements across the board.

You can read more about Patternodes 2 by clicking below. And if you like what you read you can sign up to be notified when it's released.

More info and download


Vectoraster 7 system requirement changed to macSO 10.11

While the ambition was to keep supporting macOS 10.9 and later for Vectoraster 7 it seems we haven't been able to make some of the new features added in later updates fully compatible.

We've therefore pushed the system requirements for Vectoraster 7 up to macOS 10.11 for the current version 7.2.0. For users with macOS 10.10 or 10.9 who are having problems with the software you can download an earlier version of Vectoraster 7 from the Legacy downloads page and moving forward only the last compatible version should be offered via the application updating feature.


Vectoraster 7.2 released

The vector graphics half-tone and raster tool Vectoraster has just been updated to 7.2.0. The new version adds new dynamic Text sources, letting you make text-based raster effects within Vectoraster and adds a bunch of interface usability and support improvements.

If you're already a user you can just update from within the Vectoraster, if not you can download it and try it out for free using the link below. For Vectoraster 6 users there's a great upgrade offer.

Changes in 7.2.0

  • New Text source type, letting you generate type source images with your choice of text, font etc to base your raster on.
  • New interface icons and improved help and support tools in the Help menu.
  • VRaster files now get thumbnail icons for use in Finder when saved (can be turned off in the settings).
  • New setting to change the interface background color.

More info and download


iOS Nice Dice updated

The iOS 3d dice rolling app Nice Dice has been updated and the new version is now available via the appstore.

The new version fixes some graphical glitches for iOS 9 users that the previous updates introduced and adds new ways of customizing the app. You can now in a more consistent way turn on and off different interface components (like buttons, result displays etc) and configure what happens when you tap the board, when you tap dice, shake the device etc. So more of you can set up the app to work the way you want it.

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Vectoraster 7 updated

The vector graphics half-tone and raster tool Vectoraster has just been updated to v 7.1.7. If you're already a user you can just update from within the application, if not you can download it and try it out for free using the link below. If you're still using Vectoraster 6, this is a great time to upgrade for just $9.95.

Changes in 7.1.7

  • Improved randomization algorithm to avoid artifacts and patterning in randomized rasters with a large number of of points. There?s an option to use the old random generator below the random seed setting in the document information panel.
  • Changed to an SVG-based default custom shape file as EPS import has caused problems on some systems.
  • Fixed a problem with compression artifacts appearing near edges when blurred sources where used for varied density raster patterns.
  • Multi-threading stability improvements.

More info and download


Nice Dice iOS app updated

The iOS 3d dice rolling app Nice Dice has been updated and the new version is now available via the appstore.

The new version brings a couple of new features that lets you configure the interface and how you want to use the app. For example by introducing a new way of rolling dice by pressing a separate roll button instead of just tapping anywhere, and letting you hide more controls you many not be using in the rolling interface.

The update also tweaks and improves some aspects of locking and moving dice, as well as the dice collisions sounds and handling device gravity with changing device orientation.

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Dotpass iOS app updated

The iOS and macOS password app Dotpass has been updated, and the new version is available on the appstore. The update fixes some small inconsistencies and keeps the app up to date under the hood.

Dotpass is a security solution for generating and keeping track of unique good passwords for all your accounts, without anything stored or transferred that can be hacked or lost.

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PatterNodes review at CreativePro

A nice and comprehensive review of PatterNodes has been published over at CreatevePro.com.

Could be especially interesting to hear the reasoning on trying the software as a new user, interested in creating graphical patterns but unfamiliar with the node-based procedural approach.

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Vectoraster 7.1.6 update released

Another small update patch was released today, fixing a bug where blurring non-square source images could result in a skewed output along with some other small improvements. Update or download today!

This update was originally released yesterday as 7.1.5, unfortunately this build had some stability problmes and has today been fixed and re-released as 7.1.6.

More info and download


Vectoraster 7 updated to 7.1.4, upgrade price cut to $9.95

A new update to Vectoraster 7 has been released, and is now available to download for free or update from within the application.

With this update we're also cutting the price of upgrading from a previous version of Vectoraster to just $9.95. So if you're still using an earlier version of Vectoraster, this is a great time to upgrade.

Changes in 7.1.4
  • You can now quickly use the mouse scroll wheel to edit values in value fields.
  • Fixes some problems with pasting in vector custom point shapes from Illustrator.
  • Added new option to gradient sources to maintain the aspect of the rendered gradient when used in non-square raster artboards, instead of scaling it to fit.
  • Fixes to make sure the source image size and document size dialogues show sizes in the correct length units.

More info and download


iOS Nice Dice updated

Seems like the physics simulation in the last version of the iOS dice rolling app Nice Dice was a little too realistic, in the sense that the dice could fly off the table if you shook your device too much.

The new version hopefully fixes this, and also adds a new interface setting letting you lock the interface to portrait mode on the iPhone version (or not).

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Vectoraster 7.1.3 patch released

Today a new small update to Vectoraster has been released and is available for free download or update from within the app.

The update fixes some stability issues, fixes some issues for first-time users and adds the new feedback dialogue recently added to PatterNodes. So now getting in touch with suggestions, praise, complaints or bugreports will hopefully be a smoother process.

More info and download


PatterNodes 1.8.4 update and PatterNodes 2 beta testing

Today a new update patch to the parametric pattern creation software Patternodes has been released, you can download it for free or use the update feature in the application to update.

Changes in version 1.8.4

  • Fixes a bug where exported animated GIFs would not loop properly in some browsers.
  • Fixes some problems with resizing of preview and note nodes.
  • Improved feedback and bug-reporting dialogue for users not using the Apple Mail client.
  • Added links to lostminds.com support and Patternodes 2 beta testing information to the Help menu.

This will likely be the last update of Patternodes 1.x.x, as the next big update Patternodes 2 is now in development.
If you want to help beta test the new version or find out more, you can do so at lostminds.com/patternodes/beta_testing.php.

EDIT: This update was initially released as 1.8.3, but that build had some problems so it was rolled back fixed and re-released as 1.8.4.

More info and download


Vectoraster 7.1.2 update released

Another small update has been released for Vectoraster 7 with a couple of bugfixes and improvements. Just update from within the application or click below to download the latest version.

Changes in 7.1.2
  • Improved handling of source images with transparency.
  • Fixes a bug where using pdf or eps files as your source image could cause a crash.
  • Some convenience improvements when dragging or pasting source images or custom point shapes into Vectoraster.
  • A new user setting that when enabled removes the source image blur filter when a new source image is imported, to avoid confusion.

More info and download


Website updated

The lostminds.com website has now been given a bit of an overhaul. Most of the work has been under the hood, but the front end has also been updated a little to work better on mobile and be quicker to navigate.

Most things should still be in the same place, and old links should still work or be re-directed automatically. But there are sure to be a couple of little quirks and broken links left in that we'll fix in the coming days. So if you run into something like that, please be patient.


Vectoraster 7.1.1 patch released

Today small update was released for Vectoraster 7 with a couple of fixes to hopefully make your Vectoraster experience even smoother.

Fixes in 7.1.1
  • Stroke rendering of line rasters now properly uses the stroke color instead of fill color.
  • Fixed some bugs with basing raster point colors on a source image with an applied blur effect.
  • Some interface bug-fixes related to replacing the image of an existing raster source image.

More info and download


Vectoraster 7.1 released

Today new more substantial update for Vectoraster 7 was released. It is available to download and try for free, or you can update from within the application if you already use it.

New features and improvements in 7.1.0
  • You can now dynamically blur source images you base your rasters on with a nondestructive blur parameter.
  • Improved multi-scale tool with new options to scale only points or pattern parameters, and to scale the raster pattern from the center to maintain symmetry.
  • New raster pattern align tool to quickly align the offset and spacing of the raster to line up the points exactly with the edges or center. Available in the Raster Utilities menu.
  • You can now show sources behind the raster in the preview or exports with an opacity parameter for blending.
  • Updated Sparkle update code.

More info and download


Nice Dice iOS app updated

The dice roller app Nice Dice has just been updated and the new version is available for iPhone and iPad on the Apple app store. The new version adds the ability to roll dice of two materials at the same time, with separate totals calculated for each. It also improves the dice picker and presents interfaces, that now also show the current dice materials.

To celebrate the new release the app will be free to download, with all content, for a limited time. So check it out now!

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Vectoraster 7.0.9 released

Today another update for Vectoraster 7 was released. It is available to download and try for free, or you can update from within the application if you already use it.

The new version adds some new text raster improvements and fixes some problems related to mac OS 10.12 Sierra. This will hopefully also solve the problems some new users on Sierra were having with unlocking the full version.

Changes in 7.0.9
  • New Text baseline pivot option in the Transformation panel, letting you make nicer text rasters with character point shapes aligned on the baseline.
  • Fixes some mac OS 10.12.x (Sierra) problems

More info and download


Vectoraster 7 unlocking problems

It seems that something got broken in the recent 7.0.7 update, causing problems for some new users to unlock the full version after purchase. If you're having this problem with a "Null" error message, use the "Send feedback/bug report"-item in the Help menu to contact support and get help unlocking.

The problem only seems to affect some users who are trying to unlock the full version for the first time on 7.0.7 or 7.0.8, existing registered users can safely go ahead to update. Sorry for the inconvenience, hopefully we'll get a new update out soon fixing the problem.


Vectoraster 7.0.8 released

Today a new free update patch for the vector halftone and raster pattern tool Vectoraster 7 was released. It is available to download for free or you can update from within the application.

The new version adds some new functionality to the raster distortions, including greater randomization control shown above, and fixes some bugs.

Changes in 7.0.8
  • The Randomize distortion now has a single direction mode, where you can randomize the points in a single direction specified by angle instead.
  • The Wave distortion now has an angle parameter, letting you set an angle for the waves separate to the raster rotation.
  • Some improved diagnostics and error checking code.
  • Improved stability on mac OS 10.9.x

More info and download

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