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Vectoraster 8

Create custom vector halftones and animated raster effects
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Patternodes 2

Create parametric graphic patterns, animations and complex repetitions
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SketchFighter 4000 Alpha

Top-down metroidvania shooter with a unique style
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Dice Bag

3D dice with nice graphics and lots of customization
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Pretty secure passwords with patterns
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Patternodes 2.4.12 update

Another small update to Patternodes 2 has been released, with a couple of fixes to bugs found and fixed during Patternodes 3 development

  • Fixes undo and redo not working when the separate preview window was active.
  • Fixes an issue with the Change Pivot node failing to correctly calculate pivot of groups that already have a modified pivot.
  • Fixes an issue where offsetting some elements in an already rotated group of elements could offset the entire group.

Patternodes 3 is now in beta testing, find out more at lostminds.com/patternodes3.

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Vectoraster 8.3.2 released

Another update has now been released for Vectoraster 8. This update adds a new Unsharp mask sharpening filter you can use on all source layers and fixes a couple of bugs.

8.3.2 changes:
  • New Unsharp mask sharpening filter available for all source layers.
  • Fixes an issue where the Export dialogue could become unresponsive on macOS 12.1 when opening it a second time.
  • Handle loading or setting invalid animation duration or framerate better.

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Patternodes 2.4.11 update

Another update to Patternodes has been released.

  • Fixes an issue where the export save dialogue could become unresponsive when exporting a second time on macOS 12.1.
  • Math expressions and all value fields now correctly evaluate asin() and acos() functions.
  • Fixes an inconsistency in Group Apply Function node when using multiple periods of a non-continous function.
  • Fixes a UI issue with the node reference table view columns on macOS 11 and later.

Patternodes 3 is now in beta testing, find out more at lostminds.com/patternodes3.

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Patternodes 3 in beta testing

Patternodes 3, the next generation of the node based procedural 2D-graphics app Patternodes is now in beta testing.

Main changes and new features

  • Improved animation features. New keyframe-based Animation timeline and new Time Function node for animated noise and repeating functions.
  • Improved drag editing. Improved support for selecting and editing node parameters by clicking and dragging in the preview.
  • Redesigned interface. Cleaned up modern interface style with support for dark/light mode and animations.
  • Improved performance. Rebuilt core components for faster generation and a more responsive interface.
  • Redesigned dynamic index features. Clarified system for generating dynamic input to nodes.

You can find out more and sign up to be a tester or get notified on release at lostminds.com/patternodes3.

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Vectoraster 8.3.1 released

Another update has now been released for Vectoraster 8. This update brings an asortment of bugfixes and improvements to various parts of the application. Thanks to everyone who has reported bugs and submitted feedback! And if you haven't checked out the sample files in a while, this could be a good time. Maybe you'll find inspiration for something new added in recent updates.

8.3.1 changes:
  • Added support for drag and drop importing new source image layers.
  • Fixed preview drag editing of position for distortions in rotated and offset rasters.
  • Fixed the animation keyframe value field not updating the raster after changes.
  • Fixed undo/redo of editing animation duration, framerate and loop settings.
  • Fixed animation framerate setting not loading correctly from saved files.
  • Fixed bug where raster would stop drawing after turning both point fill and storke off, even if they were turned on again.
  • Updated sample files.

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Vectoraster 8.3.0 released with new text raster modes

Today a new update for Vectoraster 8 has been released. This update adds new features that bring new possibilities working with text and font characters for point rasters, now allowing sets of multi-character words for the point shapes and more importantly a way to pick character or word based on a source.

This means you can define a set of characters or words and vary which one is used for each point actross the raster. Combined with all the different raster and point shape parameters already in place this gives you a lot of new possibilities!

8.3.0 changes:
  • New source-based text modes. Pick point text characters dynamically based on source layers. Paint by numbers or ASCII-art!
  • New word text modes. Use a set of words instead of just characters as point shapes. Make word clouds or generate data-driven labels!
  • Some changes for more consistent handling of fonts for text raster points and text source layers.
  • Fix a bug where changing the document random seed wouldn't update the seed for all random properties.
  • Fix a bug where the document random seed wouldn't be properly loaded from saved files.
  • Performance improvements.

More info and download


Vectoraster 8.2.5 released

Another update has now been released for Vectoraster 8. This update brings a couple of improvements to working with animations and keyframes in the animation timeline, fixes some issues in recent version with using source layer color for points and a couple of other little fixes and improvements.

8.2.5 changes:
  • You can now edit animation keyframes while the animation is running.
  • You can now quickly revert values being edited by pressing Esc.
  • Disabling a parameter that has an active animation track now also disables the animation track and adds a warning icon to it.
  • Removing a source layer or pattern distortion that has animated parameters now also properly removes these animation tracks.
  • Fixed a bug where removing the last source layer could leave an orphaned source settings panel.
  • Fixed couple of issues in v8.2.3 and 8.2.4 with using source layer color for point stroke or fill.
  • Changes to visibility toggle buttons for source layers and animation tracks to reduce interface clutter.

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Patternodes 2.4.10 hotfix update

Now there's a new update to Patternodes, this update is a hotfix of the 2.4.9 update that had some problems with the new group pivot point calculations and was therefore rolled back.

  • Fixes a bug fram 2.4.8 that prevented adding new nodes by dragging and dropping a new connection.
  • Fixed inner diameter parameter in Element Shape node arc pie wedge shapes.
  • Fixed issues with loading older version files with pie wedge shapes.
  • Some performance improvements.

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Patternodes 2.4.9 update

Another small update of Patternodes 2 has been released with a couple of fixes and improvements.

Patternodes 2.4.9 changes
  • Fixes a bug in 2.4.8 that prevented adding new nodes by dragging and dropping a new connection.
  • Fixes an issue where offsetting selected elements in a group with the Change Transform node might cause the entire group to also move unexpectedly.

Download the new version and try it out today, or update in the app.

UPDATE: We've discovered a problem with this update, so we're rolling it back for now and hopefully a new update will be released shortly fixing these issues.

More info and download

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DotPass 1.5.1 update

Today a small update to the password app DotPass (iOS and macOS) has been released on the app store.

It's been a while since the last update, and this update is just a maintenance update to ensure compatibility with future iOS and macOS versions by cleaning up a few older components under the hood. If you're looks for a way to ensure all your accounts have good unique passwords, while still not having to remember them all, check it out!

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