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Consulting offer

Custom Patternodes or Vectoraster solutions from the developer

If you want to create a specific graphic effect or animation in Patternodes or Vectoraster, but you don't have time to learn the software or just want to get started quickly I can help you with that. Being the main developer of the software I have a pretty good idea of what can be done with the software, and it's always fun to work with users on real world projects.

I can quickly set you up with a Patternodes or Vectoraster file that you can then use for your project and continue to tweak and work with as you see fit. In the process I'll also explain how it works and answer any questions you may have about this.

Typical process and price

Contact and request

As a first step, simply contact me via e-mail below explaining what it is you'd like to do (example images are really helpful) and I'll try to determine if I think it can be done.

Agreement on price and process

If I think it can be done, I'll explain a little what to expect and we'll agree on a price and process. Typically, I will request $250 per Patternodes/Vectoraster project file, maybe more for complex projects, maybe less if you want several files.

Work and sample delivery for approval

After we've agreed on the terms I'll get to work and set up the file. Once I have it working I'll send you a sample of the output and explain a little more about how it will work, and if there are any limitations. If at this point I realize I can't achieve the desired effect I'll let you know and we can discuss if you will settle for something else or if the deal is then off.

Delivery and payment

If the sample and explanation is satisfactory to you I will then send you the Patternodes or Vectoraster file and an invoice for the agreed upon price (via for example paypal or some other payment platform we agree on).

Post delivery questions

If at this point you have further questions or problems with the file in the weeks following delivey, I'll do my best to answer them and resolve any problems. If you contact me later I'll still do my best to resolve any problems, but I leave no guarantee that the files will work for all future versions.

Note that to use these files you'll also need a license to the software in question, so as a first step you should buy the software and see how it works for yourself.


To start the process, send a message and explain what it is you want help to create to:
lars.gafvert [replace with at] lostminds (dot)com