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Lost Minds started in 1998 and has been active on and off since then. In the early years the focus was shareware game development with titles like Blobs (now reborn as Vlobs) and AstroSquid. The biggest release was a collaboration with Ambrosia Software (Now sadly gone) called SketchFighter 4000 Alpha in 2006 (re-released in 2020 after the demise of Ambrosia!).

It was in these early years the name Lost Minds was picked, for reasons now forgotten. Since then the name has just stuck as it's memorable and has a nice ring to it, even though I personally have long since stopped thinking about what it means.

Over time game development has given way to more utilitarian software development, primarily the macOS graphic design applications Vectoraster, and Patternodes, along with some iOS apps and little games as side projects.

Mac and iOS software

Lost Minds is a small macOS and iOS developer run by me, Lars Gäfvert, with the occasional help from friends and associates on different projects.

Along side the software development I also have a background in industrial design engineering and work as a product design and usability consultant based near Stockholm, Sweden.

If you have an idea for a Patternodes or Vectoraster project you'd like my help with, take a look at the consulting offer:

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If you have a technical problem or just feedback about the software:

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