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Vectoraster and Patternodes license questions

Lost license code

If you've lost your license code for Vectoraster or Patternodes, you can get it back using the e-mail address you used to purchase the software.

Lost code retrieval

License code not working

If you're having problems unlocking the software with your license code, try the following steps:

If it still doesn't work, contact support and we'll try to figure our what is going wrong.

Contact support

Updates and upgrades

All licenses for Vectoraster and Patternodes are one time purchases that grant you the right to use the software as long as you can. This also includes free updates of the same major version (as in Vectoraster 7.x.x if you have a license for Vectoraster 7) for as long as such updates are released.

If and when a new major version update is released (for example Vectoraster 7 after Vectoraster 6), this will not be a free upgrade, but there is a much cheaper upgrade license you can purchase to upgrade if you own a license for the previous version. Apart from being cheaper and requiering a license for a previous version these upgrade licenses are the same as the full price new user licenses.

User license information

Multiple computers / users

A common question is if you can use your license for Vectoraster or Patternodes on multiple computers. The answer is yes. The standard license is personal per user, so as long as you are the only user you can use it on multiple computers. However, you will need to purchase one license per person using the software.

User license information
Purchase licenses

For educational institutions like schools or universities, there are special license offers that allow all students and staff to user the software at a greatly reduced price.

Special education offers

Support contact

If you still have questions

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