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Vectoraster and Patternodes license questions

Lost license code

If you've lost your license code for Vectoraster or Patternodes, click here to get tool to get it back.

Lost code retrieval

License code not working

  • Make sure that you're trying to unlock the correct version of Vectoraster or Patternodes (For example a Vectoraster 7 code will not work in Vectoraster 6).
  • Make sure that your code and e-mail are entered exactly as they appear in your e-mail, without any extra characters before or after.
  • Update to the latest versions using the update feature in the application, or you download the latest versions here.

If it still doesn't work, please take a screenshot of the error message you get when trying to enter the code, and then use the "Send feedback / bug-report" item in the application Help menu to generate an e-mail to support with some technical information that will help figure out what is going wrong.

Multiple computers / users

A common question is if you can use your license for Vectoraster or Patternodes on multiple computers. The answer is yes. The standard license is personal per user, so as long as you are the only user you can use it on multiple computers. However, you will need to purchase one license per person using the software.

Purchase licenses

For educational institutions like schools or universities, there are special license offers that allow all students and staff to user the software at a greatly reduced price.

Special education offers

Patternodes and Vectoraster use

Manuals, sample files and videos

You can read basic information about how to use these applications on the product pages for Vectoraster 7 and PatterNodes, where you can also find some instruction videos on youtube with tips and inspiration.

Second, both Patternodes and Vectoraster have extensive user manuals and sample files to let your read and experiment. In Patternodes there is also a built-in reference describing all node types with links to examples. You can access all these from the Help-menu in the applications.

YouTube demo videos

Bug reports, ideas and feedback

If you encounter a bug, or have a suggestion for some improvement, please use the "Send feedback / bug-report" item in the application Help menu to generate an e-mail to support with some technical information that you can send along to support to help us understand your idea or the problem you've encountered.

Attaching a screenshot of any error messages or buggy behaviour also helps a lot!

Old version downloads

Users of old versions of Vectoraster or Patternodes that are no longer offered for sale can download them here. This includes versions for earlier macOS versions.

Legacy downloads

Please note that since these versions have not been updated since they were discontinued they may not work properly on newer versions of Mac OS.



For the security utility DotPass there is a quite detailed security discussion where both use and more technical aspects are described. On the same page there is also a list of answers to common questions.

DotPass security and use

Data collection and usage

For details on what visitor and user data we collect and how we use it you can find more information here:

Privacy and data collection

Support contact

For all other questions send a message to:
support [replace with at] lostminds (dot)com